The original Dragon Realm Chronicles is a seven part book series which began in 2000 as a short story competition entry. It developed and the first book was published in 2006.

The series follows a family bloodline tasked with ensuring the balance between good and evil, the timelines and universal dimensions are maintained. Through this they have to battle with their day to day responsibilities in normal life, their moral quandary with personal gain, and doing what is right for all human and animal kind.

The main character Imogen is taken on several other worldly journeys, she as with past generations, has to battle treachery and deceit from those around her. She has to coordinate the voices in her head and those that are from the creatures around her who are invisible to the outside world, she has to be careful who she trusts and overall she has to work with the Dragon Realm (the ultimate protectors of her bloodline) to keep the balance but at the same time not interfere. This is especially difficult when there are those in the realm who do not have faith in her. Alongside this, there is always someone out there trying to destroy the balance.

Imogen has the world on her shoulders, quite literally, but the knowledge and experiences she has, most would kill for a chance to be a part of.

With quirky and unique characters, history lessons into biology, theology and mythology, this fictional tale will leave you on the edge of your seat at times, and the other times welcome you to a world that is deadly, exciting and truly magnificent.